Theo Fennell: Pick Your Own Diamonds

17 September, 2014

At the weekend we installed our new Pick Your Own Diamonds Campaign at the Theo Fennell Boutique on Fulham Road.  We love making these iconic miniature installations for Theo and how he chose to highlight that you can create your own engagement ring in such a fun way. The campaign has now rolled out across all Theo Fennell Boutiques.

Creative: Theo Fennell & Chameleon Visual
Production & Installation: Chameleon Visual
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_TheoFennell_Diamonds_01 Chameleon_TheoFennell_Diamonds_02 Chameleon_TheoFennell_Diamonds_03 Chameleon_TheoFennell_Diamonds_04 Chameleon_TheoFennell_Diamonds_05 Chameleon_TheoFennell_Diamonds_06 Chameleon_TheoFennell_Diamonds_07 Chameleon_TheoFennell_Diamonds_08

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