Smythson: A Box of Tricks, Christmas 2013

13 Novemebr, 2013

This season we drew inspiration from the Smythson advertising campaign and played around with their magic theme and worked it into our own version of a box of tricks.  Each window has an iconic note book (some open, some closed) where we magnetised a trick using the Smythson product and packaging.  The campaign has gone global to all Smythson Boutiques.

Creative: Chameleon Visual
Production & Installation: Chameleon Visual
Photography: melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_01 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_02 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_03 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_04 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_07 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_09 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_11 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_12 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_14 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_16 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_17 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_18 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_19 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_21 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_22 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_24 Chameleon_Smythson_ABoxOfTricks_25

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