Peter Jones: Monty The Penguin

21 November, 2014

After 6 months of planning and 8 long nights installing we bring you Monty The Penguin!

Peter Jones hosted 48 dedicated windows to Monty this Christmas, we designed the windows and put Monty into all sorts of scenarios making use of the top 100 John Lewis Christmas Gifts.  We also collaborated with those clever people over at Wool And The Gang who knitted bespoke jumpers, hats and scarves.  All in all a super fun project!

Creative: Chameleon Visual
Production & Installation: Chameleon Visual
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_01 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_02 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_03 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_04 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_05 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_06 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_07 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_08 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_09 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_10 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_11 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_12 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_13 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_14 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_15 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_16 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_17 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_18 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_19 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_20 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_21 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_22 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_23 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_24 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_25 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_26 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_27 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_28 Chameleon_JL_PeterJones_29

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