Nicole Farhi: SS14 LFW Windows, Conduit Street, London

12 February, 2014

Last week we launched the SS14 LFW windows at the Nicole Farhi Boutique on Conduit Street.  We took over the windows and ground floor of the boutique with a cacti installation and large format AD imagery.

Behind the Scenes imagery can be viewed here.

Creative: Chameleon Visual
Production: Chameleon Visual, Supersets, Collier & Co
Installation: Chameleon Visual, Supersets, Collier & Co
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_01 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_02 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_03 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_04 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_05 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_06 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_07 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_08 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_09 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_10 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_11 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_12 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_13 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_14 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_15 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_16 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_17 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_18 Chameleon_NicoleFarhi_LFW_19

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