Mulberry: Mothers Day Bar, London

13 March, 2015

This week we launched our Mulberry Mother’s Day Bar at the New Bond Street store.

Mulberry are celebrating Mother’s Day with London-based florist McQueens!  They have moved into the New Bond Street store until Saturday, making beautiful bouquets at the Flower Bar.

Creative: Chameleon Visual & Mulberry
Production: Chameleon Visual
Photography: Alicia Clarke

Chameleon_Mulberry_MotherDay_01 Chameleon_Mulberry_MotherDay_02 Chameleon_Mulberry_MotherDay_03 Chameleon_Mulberry_MotherDay_04 Chameleon_Mulberry_MotherDay_05 Chameleon_Mulberry_MotherDay_06 Chameleon_Mulberry_MotherDay_07 Chameleon_Mulberry_MotherDay_08 Chameleon_Mulberry_MotherDay_09 Chameleon_Mulberry_MotherDay_10 Chameleon_Mulberry_MotherDay_11 Chameleon_Mulberry_MotherDay_12

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