Mulberry: Best Gift Under the Tree

17 November, 2014

This year we were invited by Mulberry to design their global Christmas windows.  Following the advertising theme of the best gift under the tree, we designed these golden see through gift boxes which house a collection of Mulberry gifts.  We collaborated with the amazing Harry Malt on the illustrations for the campaign, which also featured on the gift packaging.  Boxes, bows and gift carts are now rolling out globally across all Mulberry stores.

Creative: Chameleon Visual
Production: Chameleon Visual
Illustrations: Harry Malt
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_01 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_02 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_03 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_04 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_05 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_06 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_07 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_08 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_09 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_10 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_11 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_12 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_13 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_14 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_15 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_16 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_17 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_18 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_19 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_20 Chameleon_Mulberry_Christmas14_21

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