MaxMara: Whitney Bag Launch at Saks, 5th Avenue NYC

8 May, 2015

As part of our NYC takeover, we launched the MaxMara Whitney Bag in a variety of locations throughout the Saks fifth avenue store.  We created a vinyl wrap for 6 of the stores front windows, which showcase a 2D version of the illustrated campaign we designed for the online animation.  At both entry points on 49th and 50th street we launched 2 miniature installations showcasing the Limited Edition Whitney Bag along side the capsule Whitney ready-to-wear collection.

Located on the 2nd floor we showcased the whole collection of Whitney Bags in 3 sizes and colours.

Creative: Chameleon Visual
Production: New Project
Graphics: SPS
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_01 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_02 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_03 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_04 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_05 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_06 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_07 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_08 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_09 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_10 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_11 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_12 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_13 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_14 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_15 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_16 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_17 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_18 Chameleon_MaxMara_Saks_19

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