MaxMara: Urban Jungle, Paris

7 September, 2014

Last week we flew from NYC to Paris where we installed our second MaxMara Urban Jungle Window Campaign.  We were inspired by Escher which led us to design a concrete staircase with highlights of gold.  Creeping up the stairs are concrete crocodiles bringing together the unexpected humor of the collection with it’s faux gold crocodile accents.

Creative: Chameleon Visual
Production: Scheme by MaxMara
Production: Crocodiles by Chameleon Visual
Installation: MaxMara & Chameleon Visual
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_01 Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_02 Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_03 Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_04 Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_05 Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_06 Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_07 Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_08 Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_09 Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_10 Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_11 Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_12 Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_13 Chameleon_MaxMara_UrbanJungle_14

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