MaxMara: Cruise 16

Our latest Cruise 16 MaxMara windows have gone live across their flagship boutiques. Recreating the playful Grace Jones inspired lookbook set, we designed flocked primary coloured shapes the mannequins are perched on, set against colorful sliced faux set walls.

Creative: Chameleon Visual
Production: MaxMara
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

chameleon_maxmaracruise_01 chameleon_maxmaracruise_02 chameleon_maxmaracruise_03 chameleon_maxmaracruise_04 chameleon_maxmaracruise_05 chameleon_maxmaracruise_06 chameleon_maxmaracruise_07 chameleon_maxmaracruise_08 chameleon_maxmaracruise_09 chameleon_maxmaracruise_10 chameleon_maxmaracruise_11 chameleon_maxmaracruise_12

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