Karl Lagerfeld: For Tiffany Cooper

8 April, 2015

Last week we installed out Karl Lagerfeld x Tiffany Cooper windows across Europe.  Tiffany Cooper was commissioned to create a capsule collection for the brand, which launched at Collette in Paris prior to all Karl Lagerfeld boutiques.  We had the pleasure of using Tiffany’s illustrations and turning them into a window campaign.

To add some additional humor to the campaign, Regent Street has a set of 3 animated Karl’s spinning in the window.

Creative concept: Chameleon Visual
Illustrations: Tiffany Cooper for Karl Lagerfeld
Production: Chameleon Visual
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_01 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_02 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_03 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_04 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_05 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_06 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_07 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_08 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_09 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_10 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_11 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_12 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_13 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_14 Chameleon_KarlLagerfeld_TiffanyCooper_15


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