John Lewis: Christmas 2013, London

25 October, 2013

Back in 2012 the lovely people at John Lewis contacted Chameleon to pitch for their 2013 Christmas windows.  We went away armed with their 2013 buyers guide and some packaging artwork and we set to task designing a window campaign that took ordinary household products, turning them into something extraordinary.  Three designs were presented and the woodland and arctic theme was the winner!  We collaborated on the animal designswith our ever so talented Billie Achilleos and we had one year to make it all happen.  Hours, weeks and months were spent designing all of the elements for the campaign (the shopping list for the animal parts took almost 3 months to collate) and we launched an army of model makers into action once all of the prototypes were worked out.  So far we’ve had an extraordinary response to the windows so here we share a few of the images of the animals we created.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Creative Concept & Design: Chameleon Visual
Animal Design Collaboration: Billie Achilleos for Chameleon Visual
Production: Setsquare Staging for Chameleon Visual
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_01 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_02 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_03 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_04 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_05 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_06 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_07 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_08 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_09 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_10 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_11 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_12 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_13 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_14 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_15 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_16 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_17 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_18 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_19 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_20 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_21 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_22 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_23 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_24 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_25 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_26 Chameleon_JohnLewis_Christmas_27

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