Chloe: Holiday 2016

Our latest global Holiday collaboration windows for Chloe are now live. Gold shimmer walls fill the windows of each boutique; accessory windows highlight the Chloe Alphabet charms with the message written across the sequin discs. Playing with the Chloe furniture, large scale curved velvet benches fill each window where accessory are placed.

Creative: Chameleon Visual
Production & Installation: Chloe
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_01 Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_02 Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_03 Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_04 Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_05 Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_06 Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_07 Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_08 Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_09 Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_10 Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_11 Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_12 Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_13 Chameleon_Chloe_Holiday_14


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