Chloé: Christmas Reflections, Paris

Last week we installed our Christmas Campaign into the Chloé Boutique on Rue St Honore, Paris.  Everything is based on angles, mirrors and reflections.  This campaign has been rolled across the 10 Chloé Gallery Boutiques globally along with in-store VM mirror tools for accessories.

Chloé Christmas Reflections Sloane Street can be viewed here.

Creative: Chameleon Visual & Chloé
Production & Installation: Chameleon Visual
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_Chloe_Reflections_01 Chameleon_Chloe_Reflections_02 Chameleon_Chloe_Reflections_03 Chameleon_Chloe_Reflections_04 Chameleon_Chloe_Reflections_05 Chameleon_Chloe_Reflections_06 Chameleon_Chloe_Reflections_07 Chameleon_Chloe_Reflections_08 Chameleon_Chloe_Reflections_09 Chameleon_Chloe_Reflections_10 Chameleon_Chloe_Reflections_11

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