BonaveriMilano: Showroom

19 January, 2015

On the 11th December 2014 we opened the doors to the new Bonaveri Showroom at 25 Via Morimondo in Milan. Giuseppe Tortato Architects designed the building, which covers 600 square meters, whilst Emma Davidge, Creative Director of Chameleon Visual, created the interior design.

The large open showroom space housed an installation, which was inspired by artist Lorenzo Piermonti who was the first sculptor of the Schlappi mannequin.  Inspired by one of his works titled ‘Moments Tubular’ we recreated this piece and added the Bonaveri DNA.

We are incredibly proud of this space and honored to be asked to create something that will stand the test of time and see many clients and producers pass through the doors.

Behind the Scenes imagery can be viewed here.

Architect: Giuseppe Tortato
Interior Design & Installation: Chameleon Visual
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_01 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_02 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_03 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_04 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_05 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_06 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_07 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_08 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_09 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_10 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_11 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_12 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_13 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_14 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_15 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_16 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_17 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_18 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_19 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_20 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_21 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_22 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_23 Chameleon_Bonaveri_Showroom_24

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