Bonaveri: London Launch of Aloof

21 May, 2014

After a year long collaboration with Bonaveri designing the new Schläppi Aloof Collection our Creative Director Emma Davidge designed a dinner to celebrate the launch of the collection in London.
Andrew Carter of Blue Studio & Bonaveri hosted the event at the Louise Blouin Foundation on Thursday 15th May, inviting 80 guests to enjoy the celebration and exclusively view the full collection.
We filled the venue with an army of miniature Aloof who stood center stage on the tables and were surrounded with poppies and peonies.  Invitations and menus were hand illustrated in-house and adorned each guests plate.
We would like to thank Andrew Carter, Bonaveri and everyone on the team who made the event happen, it really was a night to remember.

Behind the Scenes imagery can be viewed here.

Creative & Installation: Chameleon Visual
Mannequins: Bonaveri Schäppi Aloof
Florist: Alexander Collier Flowers
Catering: Cook & Waiter
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_01 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_02 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_03 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_04 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_05 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_06 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_07 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_08 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_09 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_10 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_11 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_12 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_13 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_14 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_15 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_16 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_17 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_18 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_19 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_20 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_21 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_22 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_23 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_24 Chameleon_Bonaveri_London_25

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