Bally: Everest Pop Up, Harrods, London

26 October, 2013

On the 26th October we installed our Bally Everest Pop Up in Harrods.  The Pop Up celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Bally Everest collaboration (they made the reindeer boots for the first successful ascent) we decided to create our own version of the Everest base camp where each item is highlighted in a stylised tent.  The pop up will be live until the 23rd November.

Creative: Chameleon Visual
Production & Installation: Chameleon Visual & Setsquare
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_Bally_EverestPopUp_02Chameleon_Bally_EverestPopUp_11Chameleon_Bally_EverestPopUp_08Chameleon_Bally_EverestPopUp_12Chameleon_Bally_EverestPopUp_10Chameleon_Bally_EverestPopUp_01 Chameleon_Bally_EverestPopUp_03 Chameleon_Bally_EverestPopUp_04 Chameleon_Bally_EverestPopUp_05 Chameleon_Bally_EverestPopUp_07 Chameleon_Bally_EverestPopUp_09

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