Aloof Mannequins: Fendi Windows, Paris

13 April, 2014

Last week was a very proud moment as Fendi launched the Aloof Collection mannequins in their Avenue Montaigne windows in Paris.  This is the worlds 1st window debut of the new Schläppi mannequin collection which Chameleon’s Creative Director has designed in collaboration with Bonaveri.

We would like to thank Fendi for allowing us to photograph their amazing windows which feature The Aloof Collection.

Photography: Melvyn Vincent

Chameleon_Bonaveri_AloofFendi_02 Chameleon_Bonaveri_AloofFendi_03 Chameleon_Bonaveri_AloofFendi_04 Chameleon_Bonaveri_AloofFendi_05 Chameleon_Bonaveri_AloofFendi_06 Chameleon_Bonaveri_AloofFendi_07 Chameleon_Bonaveri_AloofFendi_08 Chameleon_Bonaveri_AloofFendi_09 Chameleon_Bonaveri_AloofFendi_10 Chameleon_Bonaveri_AloofFendi_11

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